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Sikhs in the News

♦ Jasleen Josan, the first Sikh women in the world to undertake a Mars mission

♦ Neighborhood celebrates independence, inclusion (4th July 2014 Parade)

♦ Sikhism:

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the 2013 Asian Festival – Feb 12, 2013

♦ As a Sikh, I refuse to live in fear

♦ Authorities Chose to Look the Other Way

♦ Trying to Make Sense of the Senseless…

♦ Turbans Unwrapped

♦ Underneath The Turban: Why Sikhs Do Not Hide

♦ Wisconsin shooting rampage isn’t just a Sikh issue

♦ The Sikh Identity Embodied by Women

♦ Sikh temple shooting leads to unity in San Antonio

♦ Leaders unite in support of Sikhs in wake of attack

♦ Being Sikhs in S.A. is not always easy

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