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Interfaith Memorial and Candlelight Vigil

An attack on a house of worship is not just a sad day for Sikhs and but for everyone that believes in religious tolerance and religious freedom, a core value upon which this great country was founded.

Under these deeply disturbing circumstances, citizens of San Antonio united and came together as a community, mourn the loss of the victims, and begin the process of healing together.

The memorial @ the Jewish Temple Beth-El was to engage the broader community to stand up for religious acceptance and religious freedom, as well as for the Sikh Community. It was amazing to see the dedication of all involved, as every Priest, Rabbi and Interfaith leader agreed to speak with less than 24 hours notice. Furthermore, 15 City Leaders and officials cleared their schedules and made our cause their highest priority, offering condolences, condemnation, and strong support.

Most importantly 450 citizens from all faiths and walks of life filled the synagogue. There was an amazing turnout from various faiths including: Catholic, Hindu, Jewish, Presbyterian, Muslim, Evangelical Christian, Jain, Parsi, Bahai, Ismaili and Sikh communities.

Click on the links below to see highlights of the service and what city and interfaith leaders share their thoughts with the local Sikh community.

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