Sikh Dharamsal – A Place to Learn Spiritual Wisdom and Serve Humanity

Our Purpose

A place to obtain spiritual wisdom, which supports:

1. Learning and promoting the Sikh values of naam japnaa (remembrance), kirat karni (work ethic) and vand chakhna (collective sharing)

2. Completing life’s journey from being a manmukh (self-centered) to becoming a gurmukh (Guru-oriented)

3. Living a purposeful life in the bhana (Divine will)


An institution for community support and development that provides:

1. Space for conducting ceremonies related to major life events, including janam sanskar (birth ceremony), amrit sanchar (initiation ceremony), Anand Karaj (marriage ceremony), antam sanskar (death ceremony)

2. Libraries and classrooms that offer adults and children an opportunity to learn about Sikhi

3. Continuation of traditions that providing service, food, and shelter to needy without any discrimination


A community center for collective gathering, which attempts to:

1. Build stronger bonds within the Sikh sangat through social and cultural activities.

2. Initiate volunteer opportunities to benefit the greater San Antonio community

3. Collaborate with interfaith institutions to build relationships with other religious traditions

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