Sikh Dharamsal – A Place to Learn Spiritual Wisdom and Serve Humanity

Our Values

We strive to achieve our mission through upholding the following values:

Being Honest and Living with Integrity

We speak honestly, act honestly, and earn our living honestly, and expect integrity from one another.

Thinking and Acting Creatively

We look for positive solutions which are constructive, rather than destructive, so that we are continually developing towards our mission. Be part of the solution.

 Acting with Courage

We are willing to challenge the status quo, but do so in a way that is respectful of other points of view.

 Showing Love and Respect

 We exude love towards the creation around us.  We respect different points of view and perspectives and engage in civil resolutions in cases of disagreement.

 Being Thankful and Showing Gratitude through Service (Seva)

We are thankful for all we have been given, and so, we live to serve Vahguru by serving each other, the community, and the world around us.

 Lifelong Learning

A Sikh, by definition, is a lifelong learner.  We learn from each and everyone and everything that surrounds us.

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